Augusto Tomé

Gondomar, Porto, Portugal

I was born in Oporto city, Portugal, in 1966.
In 1993 I had my first contact with photography, I use a pocket camera, until I buy my first SLR in 1997, them a new world opens to me.
In the mean time the digital photography came up and with that, my participation in a online photographic comunity since 2004, the, my skills expand a lot with this participation online, this is when I got a quality sense. Cooperation, friendship, familiarity and use new techniques, are among the benefits of being part of an online photographic community.
My portfolio is diverse, however I have a predominance and predilection for landscapes, whether there are urban, rural or natural. Amateur photographer, but I'm convinced that the motivation and creativity have always room for one more. Although, every body as the idea that everything has been photographed, each individual has a look and every second as a different ray of light.