Auli Ekman

Small Business Owner and Nordic Walking Coach in Finlande

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"As soon as you find your real VISION, you can truly live your PASSION....."

For me, it has been a long run to arrive right here, where I can finally realize that EVERYTHING in life really IS possible.

I'd like to build, help and support a TEAM of like-minded collaborators, where everyone has his mission to accomplish..... BE, DO & HAVE anything we desire !

I'm passionate about GOLD as a warranty for my financial future. My laptop and smartphone are the only material I need to bring with me to be able to keep growing my business and develop a kind of a lifestyle of travelling.

I also have a passion for Nordic Walking : coaching people to move, exercise and connect with nature. Lapland is one of my favourite places to run around..... ;-)

Have YOU already found your vision to live your passion? If not, please let me help you - let's TEAM together !

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