Aulia Cepuw

Indonesia, Jakarta

Hello world! I was born in Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia on 23rd January 1996. My name is Aulia Lutfiana Qomaria. So, you can call me Aulia, Cepuw, Vian, Lia, and Lutfi. But, Cepuw is my famous name. I'm the first old sister from fourth young brothers. I was graduated in PPMI ASSALAAM Surakarta. Its like boarding school. I started from Junior until Senior high school. In that school, I got many experiences and learn anything, such as Friends from the other provinces, Local languages, Loves, Arabic's language, Speech in 3 languages, Scout, Organizations, Event, etc. When I was Senior high school, I got many experiences. Especially, I was very proud being a Senior. I've been followed many clubs like cooking's club, broadcasting's club, and Goshvers (English Club). In the past, actually I cant speak and learn anything about using English Language. I was proud when I got 70's mark. It was the highest score I have in that time. But now, with the blessing of the Lord I can learn it. Its needed realizations and struggles. I started join Goshvers. Its a famous English club in SHS. From that, I followed speech competition and I was being top 10 finnalist. I was proud and I cant believe whats going on I am?. In my batch, I'm the one who get a certificate of the best language user. The time is out being a Junior below the rules of OP3MIA (is the highest organizations in boarding school). Because, I was elected to being members of Language Section in OP3MIA.The highest position in OP3MIA is called 3's DIVA. There are Safety Section, Education Section, and Language Section. I was proud being part of Language Section. Language section job such as teach or gift vocabularies to our junior, coordinate speech's day, coordinate event language day, and giving punishment to our junior who didn't use language everyday in boarding's environment. Now, I continue my study in STIKOM London School of Public Relations-Jakarta on Mass Communications as my major.

  • Education
    • STIKOM London School of Public Relations