Aulia Ningrum

Student and Chef in Malang, Indonesia

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hello! my name is aulia! (i guess rakkikimochiwaruidesu, aulia ningrum, or cyborgs are fine too)

15 year old girl🌟 infp🌟 artist - my art tag is #shindoosomdrew on ig

my interests: ( i will be posting about these a lot!!) cyborg 009

my tags on instagram are: 009,001,002,and 003 (cyborg 009)💖 choromatsu (osomatsu-san)

I am not fictionkin, but i can relate to certain characters and i sometimes just "feel like" them.

favorites: colors: light blue/teal and pale pink🍥 animal: cat

don't request to follow me if:

you have hateful opinions about people

you are a spam account

you post excessive gore or nsfw

you dislike the things I am interested in