Rafly Aulia


Hmm.. Hello. My name is Muhamad Rafly Aulia, but you can call me Rafly. I was born at 29th September 1998 on Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Now i'm in Grade 3 JHS West Cikarang and preparing on National Exam.

My hobbies are playing computer, read novel, listening to music, and watching anime. I wanted to learn Japanese and Russian hehe. I want that because the grammar and the font is interesting. Oh also, i'm a gamer, hehe. I'm currently playing Dragon Nest (INA), Grand Chase (INA), Audition Ayodance (INA), DDTank (game321.com), and osu!

I have a lot friends! In real-life or in virtual game, hehe.. Maybe you are my friend too? (:

Personally i hate the arrogant people. And, if you nice to me, i'll be nice to you, too.

Now i'm currently love someone >< . She's cute, smart, beautiful, and anymore~~

Hmm, maybe that's for now, i will added some later, cya!

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • Grade 3 Junior High School West Cikarang