Andrea Ullrich

Sunderland, MA

I was born and raised in Southeastern, Massachusetts, just a few hours away from where I now go to school. There I developed a love of the beach, swimming, and being outside in general. Since coming to Western, Massachusetts I have developed some new interests as well. Many people here enjoy hiking and I cannot wait for the warm weather to come back so I can join them again. I also like to do yoga, read, crochet, and sew when I’m not working or doing homework.

I am currently studying accounting at UMass Amherst and like to think of myself as a very dedicated person. I also work at the bank in town, and try to put 110% into both work and school. After graduation, I plan on using everything I've learned by not just applying it to the accounting field but by finding a job where I can use my skills to help people, as well. I am really hoping that after leaving UMass I will work for a company that is striving to really make a difference in poverty levels, discrimination, and/or any number of great causes. If the opportunity arose I would love specifically to work for a non-profit.

I have always had a respect for those who volunteer and a desire to be one of them. In the my middle and high school years I volunteered as a leader at church camps and spent a bit of my holiday season helping out in soup kitchens. Last year, I spent my spring break in El Paso, Texas building houses with United Way. This is where my love of working with and helping others really culminated.

Through United Way, we worked with the Lower Valley Housing Corporation's “mutual self-help construction program" in Horizon, El Paso. Those who struggle to buy their own homes can build 70% of their own house in exchange for an affordable monthly payment after they move in. We were at the worksite almost every day that week (sometimes twice a day) with the amazing families who took advantage of this program. We also had the great opportunity of visiting a local homeless shelter, and playing with the kids at the Child Crisis Center.

At the end of the week, the families we had helped gave all 20+ of us hand-painted wood pieces with inspirational Spanish sayings on them. I will never forget the people I worked with, both peers and El Paso natives, or what they taught me. Combining the accounting field with this kind of work would be a dream come true.

  • Work
    • Florence Savings Bank
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst