Aum Enzymes

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Started its operations in the year 2007, "Aum Enzymes" is a metabolic engineering firm specializing in generally regards safe microbial origin Industrial, Food, Feed, Botanical grade enzymes produced by solid state fermentation and submerge fermentation.

The firm's core skills are total enzymes solution under one roof. Aum Enzymes has been serving the needs of various grade enzymes users in various fields viz. Like Enzymes for Textile Industry, Enzymes for Leather Industry, Enzymes for Animal Feed Industry, Enzymes for Baking Industry, Enzymes for Detergent, Enzymes for Alcohol Industry, Enzymes for Starch Processing, Enzymes for Brewing Industry, Enzymes for Protein Modification, Enzymes for Effluent Treatment, etc.

Enzymes are natural protein bio-chemicals and made by living microorganism or botanical origin. The enzyme based processes are eco friendly as they can be carried out at moderate reaction conditions with greater specificity in contrast to chemical processes.

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