Riana Bronson

LPN: 1984 RN: 1987 MSN: 2012 Family Medicine

Work Hx: Med. Surge, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, ER, ICU/CCU, Cardiac Cath. Lab. Endoscopy, Home Health, IV team.

1. Cardiology, Rounding Nurse, Wound Care Specialist, Scrub tech., Circulator
and Monitor tech./Cath. Lab, Able to read CT scans, CXR, Nuclear Spec imaging
scans, 12 lead EKG, Efficient in suturing, deep wound debridement's, drainage
of hematoma's and seroma's, Interpretation of lab results with appropriate plan
of pt. care.

2.Family Medicine: Suturing, wound care, excision of skin lesions, full patient
history and physical, evaluation of patient labs, x-rays and physical findings,
diagnosing and complete pt. care including prescribing of appropriate