Aundra Willis

South Pasadena, California


In the silence and solitude of the night.

Aundra Willis is a Southern California-based writer/editor/blogger and social observer. A devoted wife and grandmother, she struggled for many years, like many other creative women, with the age-old dilemma of “art vs. personal fulfillment”. Although silenced during her most productive creative years while balancing the practical necessities of motherhood and family life, Aundra simultaneously and fiercely held on to “the intoxicating rapture of writing” and her day jobs, working in the medical publishing and public relations fields. These days, with her children all grown up and on their own, and the age-old dilemma behind her, she has returned full-time to writing and her recent passion, blogging. Her current projects include a childhood memoir, and a theatrical screenplay.

  • Education
    • Attended Cal State LA, AFI, Sherwood Oaks Experimental College