Aunti Krist

Port Angeles, Washington

I'm a bleeding-heart, liberal, recovering alcoholic (for 25+ years), a womanist, and a life-long atheist. I have also had ADHD all my life, which has made things very interesting during my 68 years, to say the least. I read voraciously and love movies on a big screen. I have a weird-ass sense of humor, and I have very little patience for the terminally arrogant, short-sighted, and mean-spirited. I am also opinionated and rant frequently. I am aware I may not always make a lot of sense to other people, but I have a legitimate, human need to express myself.

  • Work
    • Church of the SubGenius
  • Education
    • Lemoore Union High School
    • Dobbstown School for Wayward Girls
    • School of Hard Knocks and Browbeating
    • Miskatonic University
    • Peninsula College