Auntie G

Consultant in Bristol, United Kingdom

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Hi I’m Gilli Kane (AKA Auntie G) and I live in Bristol with two cats – one feline and one human. I really enjoy working with artists and creative businesses helping them with marketing advice, social media and talking things through.

Here is what some of my customers say about me:

Gill is brilliant to work with and does brilliant work. Three years ago I had no social media presence - if you type me into Google I think she has the first 6 pages covered, and this is all her work. She's sorted social media profiles, my website as well as encouraging, cajoling and supporting me along the way.
She gets the complications of a creative brain and works alongside you to bring out your best. Can't recommend her highly enough. Artists - do yourself a favour and talk to Auntie G. Julian Quaye

Gill has boosted my career significantly since she has been coaching me. After only three sessions she has helped me to unleash my full potential and through her incredible coaching techniques she has enabled me to focus on my realised and unrealised, sub-concious life goals. I have seen a vast improvement in the standard of projects I am engaging with. I have a better studio and my work/life balance is much healthier than it used to be. I would recommend Gill to anybody! Von Gray

Back in ancient times my degree was in Drama, Theatre and TV and I’ve always had a love for the arts. My first job after leaving Uni was as a theatre publicist. From there I moved into events management, marketing in the arts and leisure industries. Around 2001 I fancied a change and moved into leadership and management training and coaching (and taught executive coaching at post-grad level).

Around four years ago I started working with Bristol artist Julian Quaye in helping him with his social media and the work just started to grow from there. I now work with a great selection of artists and creative businesses including Andrew Burns Colwill, Thomas Dowdeswell and 212 Productions - specialist printing company for artists and photographers.

This year I have also introduced an on-line gallery specialising in affordable prints from established and emerging Bristol artists.

If you are an artist with an exhibition coming up or a creative/ creative business and you could do with some marketing advice or coaching I'd love to help. If you are curious - get in touch!