Donna Bolek


I have lyrics begging to be brought to life by a talented hip-hop/rap or rock/rap artist. The push in this country to take us back in time to a pre-Civil Rights era must be stopped by the "decent" people. We cannot sit silently, allowing voter suppression and the continuing implementation of "Stand Your Ground" legislation in states around the nation. We must work to repeal where it is already in place. My heart as been stirred by this madness and inspired me to write. Denying racism has become the new racism.

Our resistance to having a conversation about race is deplorable. So many quickly turn to racial profiling and stereotyping based on one's skin color or preffered style of dress, Our system allowed a victim of murder to be put on trial and his character put in question and permitted the person who took his life to walk away a free man. Too many downplay the murder of a young man returning home by pointing out "black on black" crime. They do not have the ability look deeper. These actions are all "Conversation Killers" It is time we get beyond the denying and the blaming and move toward healing. We can only get there by talking. My lyrics point to the need for this to happen. The timing for these lyrics is NOW.

I envision this material performed in more of an old school hip-hop or a rock/rap similar to the style of Rage Against the Machine. If my lyrics below stir you and you have the talent and ability to bring them to life. Please contact me. Let's make it happen.

Dream big!