Shirley Rhodes

Akron, Ohio

I am a seventy-five year old great grandmother, widowed for 23 years now. I had three sons, one is deseased now, four grandchildren and soon to be two greatgrands. I live in Akron, Ohio and go to Movement Church. I am a born-again Christian and love my church and my Lord.

I love writing and an happy to be back to that task after retireng from running our Senior Club snack bar for the last six years. I spend much time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and belong to several recipe site.

I love to cook, bake and collect recipes. I also love books, all kind of books, detective, courtroom dramas, romnce, etc. Plus many religious book, magazines and bible study books. I even read cereal boxes!!

I spent my teens years living on a farm and learned to do all the things farm kids do. Milk cows, feed stock, collect eggs, work in the gardenand can and freeze the summer bounty for the long cold winters. I even started sewing in earnest back then on an old treadle machine. It must have been inherited from my Mother, because I seldom ever saw the far end of our dining table due to fabric stacked there. She passed away from a heart condition when I was ten years old.

More later....,.,.

  • Work
    • retired seamstress, business manager
  • Education
    • high school grad, continuing ed subjects