Aunty Mima

I am all about connecting and celebrating the common threads we share as compassionate human beings. One common thread most of us share is our desire to create and hold safe environments for children.

For as long as I could remember being with children has given me great joy. I therefore see as a goal in my life to provide spaces that enable children to fully experience life, have joy and share it in relationship with others. This comes as a result of my experiences as: a babysitter, Sunday school assistant/ teacher, tutor, coach, day care worker, camp counselor and full time Nanny.

In my experience with children & youth I have seen that with a little patience, a lot of encouragement and faith anything is possible. It's about discovery, health and realization that the sky is the limit for all ages. I am thrilled to work with children & youth knowing their lives will be impacted forever. I look forward to working with your children & youth creating fun games, activities & foods they will enjoy and of course making life long magical memories together.

I am most happy when serving, caring and encouraging children & youth to accomplish their dreams, may it be learning to walk or going after their goals.