Aura Orca Lugay

the Philippines


You can call me Aura! A freelancer contractor, friendly, responsible, quick learner and serious type web researcher. I love to assist you to get your target market.

“I believe the accuracy of work and deliver it on are important”.

I live in Angono, Rizal here in the Philippines. I was born on June 22.

I’m a loving daughter, housewife and mother. Time management is the key to achieve all these.

I love to cook, listening music, watching movies and reading books. I am knowledgeable in computer installing application and computer parts.

I like photography. I want to take a photo in different situation. I think this is my hidden talent I can push someday.

Playing badminton is the sports I love too. I also know how to play our traditional games here in the Philippines like “sipa, patinteros, sungka, tumbang preso and piko. Playing those in my childhood day is so much fun.

I want to share a lot but I don’t like you to feel bored when you reading this. Maybe if someone wants to wish to continue for this. I’m willing to do it. You can feel free to directly contact me in my Gmail account.

I also believe “In every happen there is a reason. In every experience there is a lesson. In every problem there is a solution, if you need a solution make an action”.

Have a great day. Cheers!