Aurélien Beynet

I'm a french guy, born in 1985. I graduate last year with a Master's degree in SME Managment and International Business in Lyon. I like sports and I like sensations, adrenalin. I like snowboard, longskate, mountaineering, motorbike, swimming, running, etc. But I am also calmer and quiet, I’m pianist, I read many books and I listen lot of music. I’m very curious and I would like to understand everything so I do mechanics, crafts, computing... What I want today, it’s to improve my linguistic skills. I want to meet new people, lot of culture and move around the world. During 4 years I was studying political sciences and my final year was more about economics sciences. I was working in international marketing and now I really need to improve my linguistic skills. Currently I'm living in Berlin, to speak German. I like the German culture, I found the city very beautiful and I like the melting pot. So I'm living here at least for few months. But I'm also looking for a job, so I'm totally available and ready to go anywhere if I have a interessant opportunity.

Anything else ? Contact me !