Aurélien Foucault

Beijing, China

Born in 1979, Aurélien Foucault (aka "Фуко") soon got fed up with French chauvinism and went to spend his 18th year in Sweden.
He then went to live one year ‘Bohemian style’ in Naples where he celebrated his 20th birthday drinking up Cinema History with a pint of olive oil.
After being tired of skipping dinners to go to the cinema or to buy a record, he decided to find a job that would allow him to live abroad.
Undercover as a French teacher, he became a Whisky expert in Scotland and then went on to be a Vodka specialist in Russia.
Possibly under the influence of local dumplings, he stayed 2 years in Siberia where he met his wife.
After nearly drowning in the frozen Baïkal, he decided to move on towards new adventures. He then moved to Wuhan, China and directed the documentary film "Of shadows and men" which has been selected in various international film festival.
His body of work is composed of a personal approach to documentary photography and an aesthetic research on the themes of memory, intimacy and the five senses.
Currently based in Beijing, he is now working on new projects and available for all kinds of assignments & exhibitions.

  • Work
    • Freelance Photographer
  • Education
    • Languages
    • English Literature
    • Cinema history