Aurelija Gedžiūtė

Aurelija Gedžiūtė

I am Aurelia Gedžiūtė, Kuršėnai was born, lived oregano, now living in Kuršėnai. I was in the main school oregano, and is currently studying Kuršėnai Laurynas Ivinskis High School.

Also, as a dependent student, I attend circles, that is Kuršėnai art and music school, and Kuršėnai Laurynas Ivinskis High School ethnographic ensemble we call ,,GERVIKI''.

Art and music school I attend music section has nine years of playing kanklės, this school year of music school will be the last.

I love dancing such artistic crafts, such as the manufacture of jewelry, painting, doing the paper swans.

I also like to play, like most teenagers like to dance. I enjoy spending time with friends, listening to music.
My credo ,,NO MUZIC, NO LIFE.''

I am interacts, as well as I like to joke, I am happy, but when it comes and I can be serious.