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Art is by Wildparsnip on tumblr

Student and Artist in the United Kingdom

Art is by Wildparsnip on tumblr

Student and Artist in the United Kingdom

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Hello! My name is Logan/Noa I'm a 14 year old Mexican transboy, I run @wackartist (art account) and i love comic books and documentaries!


I follow Pyrocynical, Filthy Frank, and Brandon Rogers on YouTube, if you don't know who they are, offensive youtubers, that's all.

I'm not really certain on my sexuality but I'm just really gay

I draw art that contains eyes, this comes from my paranoia and slight obession with eyes.

I love comics

I love a lot of things Xmen related

Depending on which account I'm using I might have depressing content/captions, you're not obligated to like the photos.

If the post is abt an ocs bio, you're totally 100% okay to ask questions!

I have weird religious problems, sometimes I see myself as a demon or I use religion as a comfort subject, I'm not demonkin or angelkin, yaddayadda

I am suspected of having some mental disorders like dermatillomania, anxiety, and depression

I do talk about hallucinations and delusions, I don't know if they stem from my depression or anxiety.


Believe it or not but I lean towards anti-sjw, anti-fem views but some views I have are also of sjw/feminist views.


Send me a photo of Wolverine (any kind) with an emoji and how you found me