Cassandra Day

Halla, Second Earth, Earth, North America, USA

Hi, I'm Cassandra Day (that's a pen name).

Here are a few things I am:

I am a geek.

I am a gamer.

I am Team Zombie (not Team Unicorn).

I am Team RAYA (Real As You Are).

I am pretty awesome.

I am a writer.

I am a reader.

I am a sci-fi/fantasy lover.

I am a blogger.

I am impatient (sometimes).

I am a role-player.

I am totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

I am a Judith Rumelt (Cassandra Clare) fan.

I am a Scott Westerfeld fan.

I am a Justine Larbalestier fan.

I am Team Magnus (not DUMBledore).

I am a "genius".

I am a pretty cool person, I think.

I am SO not good at telling people about myself.

That's most of the things I am. I can't really think of anything else.