Auro Ashish

Business in India

Auro Ashish

Business in India

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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for the good men to do nothing." - said Edmund Burke. Life is short and precious... hence i believe in keeping things straight & simple.

I am good to good people; and bad to bad people. I am like a mirror which will reflect the image of the person in front of it. I don't waste my time in being unnecessarily diplomatic, displaying obligatory spine-less flexibility, mindlessly clicking "Like" on facebook or engaging in "herd-mentality" as seen in animal and under-developed human groups. I certainly do respect those who are worthy of respect.

Currently : I am on a mission to promote Yoga & Eco-friendly (Made In India) Lifestyle Products globally by way of manufacturing & exports.

Year Dec of 2012 : Traveled BY ROAD all the way from Singapore to India (through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma). Organised by MEA Govt. of India, CII & ASEAN to highlight this Trade Route. I received Certificate of Recognition from Ministry of External Affairs (GoI) & CII for undertaking this historic journey.

Between 2007 - 2018 : Extensively traveled & explored the Himalayas, India, South East Aisa, the Philippines, China, Canada, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Russia and East European countries Minsk - Belarus, Ukraine & Azarbaijan.

Maha Kumbh Mela 2013 : This Kumbh Mela happened after 144 years (12 years x 12 Cycles). Immersed myself in the ocean of humanity and explored the holy "ghats" of Allahbad & Varanasi.

In 2012 :Published a book under my supervision on "Doing Business with EURASIA" on behalf of CII and in collaboration with Ernst & Young. This book was inaugurated in 2012 by then MoS of External Affairs, Govt. of India, in New Delhi and is a commercial reference book.

In 2011 :Took a high level CII Business Delegation to Moscow accompanied by the then Commerce Minister for the India-Russia Trade & Investment Forum.

In 2009 :Received the "CEO's Excellence Award" (Pan India) from CEO of Virgin Mobile India (the youth brand of TATA Tele Services) in New Delhi.

In 1993 : 1st Prize in All India Essay Contest conducted by the Competition Refresher Group & my Essay on "Panchayati Raj"was published in their All India Magazine.

- Certified Rock Climber & Mountaineer from Bara Patthar, Nainital, India.

- Silver Medalistin Open School Drawing Competition organised by Sahitya Kala Parishad, a Govt Organisation which promotes Art & Culture in New Delhi.

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