Aurora Green

Aurora's a lifelong learner and educator. She began her career in education to serve students of many diverse backgrounds which has involved teaching students from K-12, college-bound, and adult learning. Most of my experience lies in Bilingual Education, ESL, Elementary Education, and Instructional Technology and post-secondary programs such as CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program- a TRIO program).

She co-authored an activity book for Teacher Created Materials in 2004.

Working with students has been a passion of hers because as a first-generation student, She knows what it means to value education and it enables her to continue learning more. Aside from working in the classroom, she also possesses instructional technology knowledge. It was what also geared her to enhance the language teaching and integrating it with technology in the classroom.

Some of her best successful efforts has been working in multiculturalism. She inherited a diversity club while working in the high school level and went on to working with service learning and community service where her students enveloped many projects with the community and those programs with foreign exchange students who ranged from many Asia, Europe, Middel East and South America.