Aurora Mangual

I will introduce myself to you as Aurora Mangual but I go by Villain. I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Dominican Republic and South Florida. Nothing about me is normal and it’s a fact that since it was pointed out to me as I child I love about me. I came into this world September 11, 1990. I’m Aurora the 3rd… I come from a long line of Aurora’s. My number one passion is dance (hip hop, modern, jazz, bachata, merengue, salsa... name it, I’ll dance it). Number two passion is writing (poetry, music, stories). 3rd but definitely not least modeling, I started modeling with L.O.C photography where photographer and model, Melanie gomez helped build me into model you see now. My pictures have an edge to them, a type of uniqueness I call villain and describe myself as it. I don’t take pictures for people to be stunned by my beauty. I take pictures to show the world I can be a million characters and you can still see me through all of them.