Aurora Wilson is the founder Aurora Wilson Global. She is also the founding partner of iCoach & Co and Christian Speakers In Business, member of the Global Speakers Empowerment Association, the State Project Leader and Advocate with the National Patient Advocate Foundation and a Community Leader with a HIV/AIDS non-profit organization. Aurora is the author and coauthor of eight international selling books, an Inspirational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and Health IT Consultant.

Aurora teaches on healing, deliverance, restoration, transformation, breakthrough, and the power of our thoughts. Aurora helps individuals fulfill their purpose in their personal and professional lives, focusing on the mind, body, and soul. Self-Growth is viable to all individuals’ success in their lives and Aurora focuses on helping individuals to embrace change and transition. Her program, Success YOUniversity™, is designed to focus on the complete YOU, to help achieve "fullness" in your life, which is the integration of all parts of your being - body, mind, heart and soul.

She is a mother and grandmother. Aurora testimony includes tragically losing her youngest son at the age of 18 in 2013 and how to cope with grief and loss in the midst of tragedy.