Aurore Belfrage


I love books, aubergine, The West Wing and a cup of real nescafe.

Entreprenuer, Startup Coach, Social Media Advisor, Angel Investornews junkie, stubborn, Mobile First, Lecturer, Co-founder Wrapp & Head of Entrepreneurship/Invetsments MENA

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Angel Investor: Busy Bee Venture

RETROSPECTIVE of other passions:

WRAPP - Co-founder and VP Global Sales Co-founded and launched a global marketing app. We have created a global phenomena of social gifting that has disrupted the marketing landscape by integrating digital marketing and brick&mortar in-store sales with the novel concept of sponsored gift cards as well as utilizing social media as distribution and a viral amplifier.

METRO International, the world’s largest global newspaper
Global Sales Director Digital Division

TRADEDOUBLER, European Digital Performance Marketing
Agency Service Director

STENA METALL, Leading European Waste Management corp
Business Development Manager WEEE

Managing Director Stena Safina A.S., Czech Republic

Managing Director Stena Technoworld S.R.L, Italy

KREAB LONDON Speech writer

MSc Economics Stockholm School of Economics

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    • Stockholm School of Economics