Aury Gomez

Student in Montpellier, Francia

I’m truly passionate about what I do and I believe this and also my International Business background allows me to think and work better in a global context.

I’m cursing my last year of university in France in order to get a double degree: Business Management from Universidad del Norte in Colombia and International Business Administration from Montpellier Business School here in France.

Traveling and living abroad in order learn about different cultures have always been my passion. I have had some experiences abroad that have led me to grow in different points of my life not only in the academic but also in the personal.

The interaction with people all over the world helped me to be more open-minded and at the same time learn about different perceptions. The experience of living in countries different than mine, help me to have more adaptability. Thanks to these experiences but also to my career I have acquired many skills, I consider myself as a responsible, honest, proactive and team oriented person. I am also a problem solver with strong analytical, planning and organizational skills.

I want to develop myself in the foreign trade area since I made my internship in an import & export company. Here I understood the importance to have an open-minded view of the world, understanding and learning about the different cultures and perspectives.