Auseana Mayberry

My name is Auseana(NYRE) Mayberry. I am a Louisiana based fashion model with experience in Cosplay,Visual Kei, Fashion, Music Videos, Editorial, Runway,Alternative, Swimsuit, Bridal, Glam and Nudes. Although these are my area's of experience I am eager and open to learn as much as the industry will allow.In addition to modeling, I am also a trainer to beginners in the fashion and modeling industry. I show beginners how to develop their craft and become professionals at a career in modeling. If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you that I am a persistent individual, pushing forward in an industry that doesn't exist in my area. I don't quit and I love hearing "no you cant do it" and then doing it better than I thought I would. Being a hard worker is what I pride myself on and working hard is not an option for me, its not something I do, its who I am! Auseana (NYRE) Mayberry, the hardest working independent model in the industry. I can be contacted by ( bookings, all budgets are negotiable but the results will be grand!