Ryan Palmer

Ryan Palmer, a 2000 graduate from Australian Christian College Albany, is now a substitute teacher at many Albany schools. He credits his teachers as his inspiration and he hopes to share his love of learning with his students. He enjoys substitute teaching because he feels that he can guide more children than if he only teaches a single class. He enjoys traveling through the small towns around Albany from one school to the next. He feels that the travel only opens his eyes more to the world.
Palmer has many hobbies. He spends his time on the beaches along the coast. He also enjoys driving and learning all about Australia. He thinks nothing of spending the weekend in the car driving around to explore. He finds that his curious nature helps him as a teacher. Even though he feels young, he wants to give his students all of the experiences that he is able to.
Palmer enjoys climbing the cliffs around his home to spend time looking for the whales and dolphins. He hopes to share this with his students in the future. Even though he is only a substitute teacher, he is very interested in planning a field trip to the cliffs. He believes that everyone should be given the chance to see the whales and dolphins. It is a life changing experience.
Palmer's favorite place is the Stirling Range National Park. He spends at least one day a month there, if not more. He enjoys hiking among the wildlife.
Ryan Palmer is a son of a whaler who lost his job when the factory closed in 1978. His parents both had to get jobs at hotels in the area so that they were able to send him to a good school where he could have a wonderful education. They are pleased with all that he has accomplished at his age.