Austen Ebenger

I am a rising senior in the International Baccalaureate program at Fort Myers High School with a passion to spread the knowledge of financial matters to teenagers around the globe because he believes it will better their lives in the future. During my free time I enjoy golf, basketball, and spending time with his family. I am currently the President and founder of my school's financial literacy club and has talked about finance and economics at local middle schools. I am also the treasurer of the Investment Club at Fort Myers High School and recently attended the extremely competitive summer program, Leadership in the Business World, at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. I hope to one day have his own consulting firm or work in business administration.

My passion for financial literacy has pushed me to create a website for teens to visit:

I also have a dream of connecting people going through hard times in order to comfort them. Recently my dad had a blood clot in his leg and was hospitalized for a month. During this time I needed someone to talk to that was going through the same thing. So, I created an online platform for people to discuss with others going through the equally difficult situation of having a loved one who is ill or hospitalized.