Austin Dean

Student and Consultant in San Diego, California

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My Philosophy of Life ---

I believe in leveraging our mortality to live fulfilling lives. When we recognize the lives we lead are as fragile as a piece of glass, we realize how valuable every second is. Because our time is finite and the length of our lives are unknown, I believe it’s important to live a life true to yourself.

My aim is to inspire my peers to challenge social norms that hinder fulfillment. I believe we realize our full potential when this challenging happens, which helps bring new ideas into the world. Equally as important, I think this process creates people who are living authentically and with intention.

These are the people who have shaped our history and who will continue to define our future. Why not strive to join them?

Has Shaped How I Do Things ---

I try to live intentionally. I believe in identifying what truly drives us by looking inwards to increase our self awareness. When I align my ambitions and dreams to something or someone external – rather than only satisfying my own desires – I’m better able to follow through when things get tough.

When I figure out what’s worth while, I enjoy the process of determining how to maximize the return of my investment – be it time, money or something else. To me, it’s fun learning what works best from the experts and testing different ways of doing things.

I like to share these findings with others in my writing.

And What I'm Interested In ---

Fitness: I believe in planning for the long-term by taking care of our bodies in the short term. I’m currently training for an NPC Physique competition, because I enjoy the process of manipulating factors like nutrition or training techniques to push my body to its visual limits. I love high intensity circuit training with big, functional movements.

Mind: I love learning new stuff, including the art of learning. Topics that have peaked my curiosity and I am (or want to) learn about are: stoic philosophy and its modern day applications; wealth creation and the efficient vehicles for beginners; holistic health practices for the young professional; direct marketing via online funnels; the psychology of achievement.

  • Education
    • San Diego State University