Chuan Austin Li

Cincinnati Ohio

I see myself as a problem solver instead of an artist. Being able to utilize my talent as a graphic designer in Northlich, a full-service strategic communications agency, is truly encouraging me to strive for design solutions that are highly marketable yet virtually appealing towards distinctive demographics.

Working collaboratively with other creative individuals on promotional materials for clients such as Marco’s Pizza, Ohio Lottery Commission and Formica Corporation enables me to think strategically as a designer and a marketer simultaneously. I was able to demonstrate solutions that are drastically different from the Ohio lottery Commission’s previous approaches on various marketing materials, yet obtain positive feedback internally and externally.

Prior to my professional life, I was selected to represent Miami University along with nineteen peers to contribute to the campaign of a new product for Mowers Imports Ltd. During this six-week experience in London, UK, I served as the creative director on my team to oversee the design progress of the branding of La Scilla peanut butter. The promotional pieces from the “lifestyle” business-to-business campaign I created gained the most support from the client.

I also believe that as a visual communicator as well as a part of the community, I am obliged to share my aesthetic aptitude beyond commercial drives.

  • Education
    • BFA in Graphic Design at Miami University