Austin Bolger

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Austin has over ten experience in the sales and marketing sector and in that time period he has covered all aspects of the industry from consumer retail to high end property sales. This experience helps us be innovative and have the ability to be reactive to meet our customer needs in a very busy market.

Austin and Daniel Bolger created the idea for OfficeXchange during December 2011 when it became evident to them that there was a distinct lack of clarity on property websites between commercial and non-commercial sites.

They have both worked with property development companies and also in various fields in the property management industry for the past fifteen years, and have gained vast experience to help select the very best offices available to meet your requirements.

Not only was it felt that there was a demand for more clarity between providers, there was a genuine lack of a user-friendly environment for both the agent and the client, this is where it was felt would operate making the path between agent and client as seamless as possible. exists as a young and vibrant independent company that is continuously growing and expanding. The skill of our experienced consultants is what makes the No.1 Office Search Service to UK businesses. As a completely independent establishment, unlike many other companies that offer office search facilities, OfficeXchange can focus on YOU and YOUR business needs.

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