Austin Lawrence


Austin Lawrence is a mechatronic design engineer and researcher. He is the co-founder and CTO of Future Tech Farm. Austin holds the belief that farming should be responsibly expressed as a full circle process; in which 'waste' from one process is used to create a symbiotic relationship to another beneficial application. Austin's present research focus pertains to technologies relevant to increasing yields within an autonomous controlled environment agriculture (CEA) means.

Austin is presently a graduate student of Northwestern University pursuing a Master of Science in Robotics, a Professional Engineering understudy, and a recent undergraduate of Kettering University in mechanical bioengineering. Austin has gathered experience in myoelectric prosthesis research, mechatronic design of robots, computational mathematics, control, simulations, lean design, and low volume manufacturing techniques. He is currently focusing on topics of AI, computer vision, and embedded systems.

In his personal life, Austin enjoys playing with his 3D printer, beekeeping, foraging his family's blueberry farm, and recreational design. His personal life goal is to own a fabrication workshop, and have the free time to use it!

  • Work
    • Future Tech Farm
  • Education
    • Northwestern University
    • Kettering University