Austin Monkcom


Austin Monkcom


Hi everyone,

This is a page about me. I'll be listing my skills, my experiences, as well as links to videos of my work, in order to better show you my skills and levels of ability.
Thank you for your consideration.


I took Theater Studies at GCSE and at A-Level, and have been part of outside acting clubs such as The Big Little Theater School, where i played large to moderate roles in their summer performances.

Last year i performed a self scripted piece as part of my A-Level performance, entitled "Alice in No-mans Land". The production was about growing up and looking at war, and post traumatic stress. I for the most part played John Hatter, a man who, after losing his squad, fell to PTS and lost his memory, and nearly, his mind.


From aged 11 i have owned, maintained, and upgraded a drum kit, buying spare parts and putting things together myself. I took lessons at school for two years, and then joined an outside group called Clive's Easy Learn Music School. I was with them till i was 16, when i finished their course. Shortly afterwards, i took up a position with them, teaching other students. I did this job for two years.

I have been in a few bands based in Salisbury, and have performed a few open mics, but have not been involved with any major gigs.

I also write songs, however, would not fight anyone for the "rights" to write them.

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