Austin Riehl

Catawba, Wisconsin

I started liking hunting when I was a little kid because I always watched my dad and uncles go hunting in there bright orange and I wanted to do that too. I started hunting with my dad when I was 10 and it was fun. I still remeber it today becasue I seen three deer two does and a nice 6 point buck, but my dad didn't shoot. Then finally when I was 14 I got to hunt by myself and I seen 2 little does walk underneath my stand and I could haver jumped on its back. Over the next three years I shot two does and this year I shot my first buck. I shot a nice 11 pointer at my friend Jacob's place. I am mounting it because its my first buck and because she's a beaut.

  • Work
    • I work on two farms
  • Education
    • Shiocton High School