Bradley Austin Spiegel

The City:

A paradise for humans on foot. A playground for humanity. A sanctuary to connect with nature. A mecca for technological innovation. A place where your passions transform into business.

This is my vision of an Ecological City. A city that is designed for the soul purpose of enabling humanity to thrive. A place designed to function as a holistic system that fosters the betterment of Planet Earth.

This vision is attainable, and it will be attained by turning to nature for the answer. How does nature design community? Density, Diversity and Symbiosis

By mimicking nature's master plan for current Urban Design projects today, I believe these projects will form the foundation for a truly Ecological City in the generations to come.

My name is Bradley Austin Spiegel and I moved to New Orleans to investigate this very concept. Now taking it one step further, how can we as Urban Visionaries design a Regenerative and Ecological City, one that has the power to heal and evolve with the forces of nature?