Austin Coulson

Web Design and Internet Marketing have been passions of Austin’s for many years. While starting out by creating websites for himself, Austin ascertained many of the fundamentals and theory that constitute professional website development. Through networking and word-of-mouth, Austin soon began building and marketing websites for many different businesses and industries. Austin’s first full-fledged business endeavor was realized when he became co-founder of House on the Moon (HotM). As a start-up design, development and marketing company, HotM discovered the pitfalls and the roads to success of a service-based business. Following HotM, Austin founded his own web design business, ACU Web. As Austin further honed his design and service skills, ACU Web faired well and created many long-lasting relationships, including many international clients from as far away as Australia. Operating his own web design business provided Austin with a solid understanding of what is required to market, sell, and build a quality website. Many happy, satisfied customers continue to do business with ACU Web as a result of the hard work and commitment that was poured into ACUu Web. Austin has also managed marketing efforts for several companies in the technology industry. He has been involved with every aspect of several businesses which gave him a broad, yet deep understanding of different business processes and how to positively affect the bottom line. Austin managed all marketing efforts for, a start-up online-based memory upgrade provider, headquartered in Dana Pointe, California. By utilizing several marketing channels, Austin significantly increased the revenue of These combined experiences allow Austin to truly consult his clients in many respects. A website is one component of a successful strategy; Austin recognizes that marketing a website and using it efficiently with other business efforts is key.