Austin Crouch

Chico, CA

To whom it may concern:

I am fully confident in my ability to become a very effective employee in any organization. My education background and past employment experiences have taught me how to be a positive and effective worker. I currently attend California State University, Chico and seek a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies/Public Affairs with a minor in broadcasting. I am very close to graduating within the next year and find myself looking for career opportunities within my field.

As a communication studies major I have a better understanding of what it takes to effectively interact with all people. I have taken courses about cultural, gender, organizational, interpersonal, group, etc. communication. Thanks to my education background I have an easier time than most do communicating with different types of people. My education has also taught me how to reach out to the community and become an effective writer and speaker. Being both a communication major and broadcasting minor, I have spent a lot of hours on public speaking and writing articles. I dream to one day become a sportscaster or sports journalist due to my strong love and knowledge for all sports. College has allowed me to grow as a public speaker and I am very comfortable in my ability to express my thoughts and words through writing. All in all, I love being around people and listening to what they have to say along with sharing my opinions as well.

I am certain that my resume will give you a greater understanding of my qualifications for this exciting opportunity. In my resume you will see I have a lot of experience in numerous of organizations and an excellent understanding of what it takes to be the best employee to my ability. I have great customer service and communicating skills and never leave a task until I know I have completed it to the best of my ability. I truly do love to work and look forward to any opportunities you may have for me to demonstra

  • Work
    • AS Students, CSU Chico Marketplace Cafe
  • Education
    • CSU Chico Student & Oak Ridge High School Graduate