Austin Dunn

My name is Austin Dunn. I attend Stoud High School. I was born in Cushing, Oklahoma. My parents are Terry and Tabitha Dunn. I have four dogs and a rabbit. My hobbies include playing sports, parkour with Justin, and riding fourwheelers. i like playing sports such as football and track & field, riding fourwheelers, spending time with family, and swimming. I dislike when people smack the gum, make wierd noisies, most vegetables, and mean people. The most exciting event in my life would have to be when my grandpa first opened his eyes from being in a coma for two weeks. I only have one pet peeve and that is people smacking gum. My short-term goal this year is to make new friends and make better grades. My long-term goal is to make good grades all through high school, win or go to state in football and track, and go to college.