Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

My name is Austine Ilodinibe Nonso from Ihiala, Anambra State, Nigeria, Africa.

I am a graduate of Mass Communication from Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

I am humble, friendly, loyal, generous, open minded, discipline, strict, tolerant and obedient.

I hate lies and detest them so much

I encourage people towards achieving their dreams, to live up to their expectation and believe in themselves.

I am a blogger, a Journalist, an Enterprenuer, an Independent Movie Producer, Director and Editor in the Nigeria Movie Industry (Nollywood).

The main aim of this blog is to inspire and motivate people towards fighting hard in actualizing their dreams. believe in yourself and never give up, always do what you love doing and don’t be desperate to make quick money because when you become desperate you will definitely fall in the hands of the wrong people who will take advantage of your psychological state of mind.

Let me tell you what desperation has done to me and if proper care is not taken it might eventually happen to anyone, if only you step back and plan for your future you might not be able to escape it, let me tell you a little about my life, my story and my humble beginning.

I was born and raised in Cross River State, after my primary and secondary school, I wrote jamb and unfortunately score 184 while the school I choose cut up marks was minimum of 200, I was really desperate because I really want to go to school, so I went to the admin office in my faculty who blankly encouraged me to resit for another jamb and wait patiently that things might turn around for good. Though I planned to stick to her advice but due to desperation I couldn’t, I was really desperate to go to school, so I ignore her advise, and went to see the HOD in my Department because he was someone I know personal, he gave me the same advice stating that, this is a university you can’t just get admitted through back door, because things might change and you never know what the repercussion will be.

After meeting him and found no positive result from him, I left him and met one third year student in Political Science, I told him my problem and he introduced me to a politician who is a member of Enugu State House of Assembly as of then, he gave me his number, and told me to do whatever he ask me to do that he will help me gain admission forcefully into Law faculty in Enugu State University of Science and Technology because that was my dream course and the man has connection. I thanked h

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