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Austin Jett

Austin Jett

When I first got into highschool I didn't know that my passion for music would grow so highly. One day I had went to my schools anime club, and luckily I came during the gaming tournament. Instead of playing to the sound of the video game, a kid had plugged his phone in to one the speakers when he played it, I was amazed by this music. I've never heard anything like it. I asked him, "What is this music?" He told me it was dubstep.

After that, I started looking more and more into electronic music. And eventually, I discovered Skrillex :^3 . As much as I enjoyed and worshipped this style of music (not just dubstep but electronic music in general.) Not too many people in my school, let alone in my city, are intersted in this style of music which disppointed me. Over the summer I thought to myself, what is a way I could get people interested in this music?

Sophomore year, some light was shed on the situation. In October, I was intoduced to my school's DJ club. When I first saw the sign, I ran to the room after school, and told the guy, "To answer your question, yes! I want to be the next Skrillex!" Since then, my career as a DJ has taken off pretty well. One day, I hope to be as good as my inspirations and possibly DJ and make music along side them.