Austin Gardner

I am a Junior in High School. My freshman year I participated in the regional science fair to get extra credit in class. I conducted a behavioral science study, found I rather enjoyed it, and ended up winning first place in my category of 20 and moving on to the state level. I had a repeat performance my sophomore year with a continuation of my project "the effect of dog ownership on human physical health." This year I'm trying somthing new and delving into personality. I'm challenging the belief that you should get a dog before parent hood to prepare. I hypothesize that people who want to house and care for a dog naturally have personality traits good for parenting. To test this theory I created a survey/personality quiz that will give me the anonymous data I need and provides the survey taker with information on their personality traits. I would really appreciate if you would take my survey and support my research. Follow this link to get to the survey.

  • Education
    • High School Student