Austin Hamby

Law Student in Austin, Texas

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Vision Statement:

I intend to practice law because I want to continue working in a field that dedicates itself to the ethical devotions of truth, while maintaining a great amount of flexibility within the profession itself. I want to take my law degree and generate wealth not only for my future family, but in order to better help my community. At a certain point, I believe people should work to improve their communities, and I intend to do so by the end of my career.

Mission Statement:

For the next three years of my life, I will attend the SMU Dedman School of Law, working on attaining my law degree and studying for my admission to the State Bar of Texas. In the summers, I plan on clerking for local Dallas judges and working as an associate at law firms. After that, my professional future could take many turns. But in my future, I would like to hold a judgeship either at a local, or broader level at the state or national levels. Also, in my early years out of law school, I plan on involving myself more in politics, because that is one way in which you can greatly spur beneficial change.