Austin Kim

I am a student in Mr. Diaz's IB Prep and STEM Lab class. In this class, we work on many different projects that cover several topics that help us expand on our unrealized talents. We build projects on Make Stuff Mondays, learn more about a specific topic through 20% projects, and practice buying stocks on the Stock Market Game. I have learned many useful skills this year in IB Prep, and learn more every day.

One of my favorite projects so far has been Make Stuff Mondays. We build many different inventions. One example is the Rube Goldberg Simple Machine. Using the six standard simple machines, we constructed a mechanism that eventually knocked down a ping pong ball on a perch. We used scrap materials. My invention was a great success! In conclusion, we learn how to build and engineer, a very special skill, through Make Stuff Mondays. And it didn't stop there! Even after we completed our project, we filled out an ARF form, which reminded us of what we learned. This is only one of the many projects and activites that we do in IB Prep.

Another consistent assignment that we keep on working on is the 20% project. We choose a specific subject that we may want to expand on, and through the school year discover new things. My own subject is coaching sports. I have learned about different skills that a coach requires, such as the Basketball Coaching Philosophy. Every coach has there personal method. I learned that some of the most successful methods include having fun and a good time.

IB Prep is a great class, it not only helps to make me a good student, but a well-rounded person as well. I am very honored and appreciative to be in this class, and hope that I will be able to participate once more next year.