maggie austin

Monterey Co., California

The oldest of 11, I was born 65 yrs ago to Mae and Leroy Williams....I just lost my Father...Sad, but joyful...He lived a long life on this side... Lost a younger sister, she never made it home and a baby brother 15yrs ago...All in all, we are a very close knit artistic family...

Our Father was an artist who had a great eye, but with 10 living children some dreams have to wait on the back burner! Along comes the second oldest,Gwen...she carries the "Torch", I do photographs and travel to see People, places, and things thru my lens...

The talent continues in our family and we share with each other, even though I'm the only one on the West Coast! Enough about us and me..I have 3 living children, all grown and on their own! My Baby Boy, My Chocolate Drop, whom I'm sure would have loved to travel with me, died the day after his 18th date of birth...too soon 19 yrs ago...Life goes on!

Update 2014:

Just came back from Africa, Wow! I'm there. Someone help me go It was an amazing journey, that is not over yet..

  • Work
    • Retired...Yay!
  • Education
    • Some College..but most of me is "Common Sense"