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Austin Merrill

Corporate Communications Research, Sailing, and Event Planning in Chicago, Illinois

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Who is Austin Merrill?

A graduate of DePaul University’s 2017 class with a B.A. in Communications & Media and History, Austin Merrill is a passionate and versatile professional. With field-tested experience in Corporate Research, Event Planning, and Professional Writing, Austin is a versatile and experienced professional.

Passion & Drive

Austin Merrill is a worker who follows his passions. He believes that the world can be changed in a positive way. He works best when he is fighting for social justice, systematic changes, and bettering the world. He believes that all companies have a part to play in the communities they impact, and wants to prove that corporations can make an impact for the better.

Work Style

Austin can work independently, or within a team. He is highly motivated and is always looking to make an impact in a company. Independently, he is productive and flexible, capable of finding answers without guidance. Within a team, he is a dedicated member that is can both take orders and assume the lead. Much like his background itself, Austin is a versatile worker who is not slowed by a changing and stressful environment. In fact, he thrives under pressure.

At Home

Austin is an avid reader, dedicated family member, and Sailboat Captain in Chicago. He comes from a big Indiana family, and is used to busy environments. As a sailboat racer and Sailing instructor, he enjoys time on Lake Michigan reading quick-changing weather and waves while leading his students in their adventures.

  • Education
    • DePaul University