Austin Pike

Strategic marketer enabling clients to identify paradigm shifts and multiply profits with untapped opportunities. Focused on creating results by applying design thinking to complex business challenges and leveraging the power of teamwork.

Speaks nationally and has trained audiences of 300+ people on topics including Working Less to Earn More with The 80/20 Rule, Time Management Secrets of Millionaires and Developing a Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Bringing cross-cultural perspectives and solutions to the table from experience working in Hong Kong, Miami and Boston.

Specialties: Business development, marketing strategy and web design.

Primary values:
• being a Henry Ford (leading a paradigm shift, not following one),
• teamwork (maximizing people's strengths to bring out the best in them),
• anticipatory thinking (having the answer before the question is asked),
• asking Why? (thinking beyond the How and What of everything),
• education (learning from mistakes, as there is no success without failure), and
• changing lives (touching everyone around you and leaving a legacy).


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