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Austin Rosenthal

San Francisco, California, United States

Austin Rosenthal

San Francisco, California, United States

I am a Junior at Wake Forest University interested in business, entrepreneurship, economics and psychology. While at Wake Forest, I have been developing an online e-commerce company called WorkBench Inventions with a fellow friend. The premise of this project is to develop a marketing-based website for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to the general public. We use social media platforms to promote WBI on an international basis through independently developed marketing strategies. Additionally, I am an active member in many clubs on campus.

Outside of Wake Forest, I have used my summers to get firsthand experiences of business through internships in Florida. Recently, I have worked at The Progressive Orthopaedic Company, Modal Manufacturing, Clerk & Comptroller Court House of Palm Beach County and OneUp Games. These experiences have provided me with a diverse set of skills through the myriad of positions I held at each organization.

I am confident that I can lend my unique set of skills to any organization that is looking for a hard-working, organized and ambitious, college student.


Problem solver

Decision maker






  • Work
    • The Progressive Orthopaedic Company
  • Education
    • Wake Forest University