Austin Wilson


I've written a six issue mini-series called 'Re•pro•duct,' which has been 50% illustrated by Logan Faerber, and lettered by David Hopkins. It's set in the future and deals with robots, gender relations/identity, and music. We're currently exploring our publishing options. I wrote a short comic called 'Ribbon Sea,' illustrated by Lowell Isaac, and lettered by David Hopkins which you can read for free here; I wrote a short comic called Six Barrel Shotgun, illustrated by Logan Faerber and lettered by David hopkins, available on Gumroad and Comixology. I contributed a short prose story to the Punchnel's 'Mythic Indy' anthology, available to read for free here.

I co-created and co-host a weekly comic book podcast called Hideous Energy with David Hopkins. He and I co-created a weekly webcomic called Super Cute with artist Brent Hibbard.