Austin Sands


Austin Sands is a 5th generation music major and 2nd generation entrepreneur who formerly played with the pop sensation Metro Station. He currently plays and writes for his new project Euphoric. Austin attended Musicians Institute, the world's leading music school, while learning the family business of eyewear, jewelry and high fashion clothing. During this time, Austin gained massive exposure by playing all of the famous Hollywood clubs, the Vans Warped Tour, a concert at the Galen Center with The Fray for an audience of 10,000+ people and co-hosting a segment of MTV's TRL. While on tour he was featured in a plethora of magazines including a full page spread in LA Confidential. In early 2012 Austin was approached by "Metro Station" to help the band make a comeback after a brief hiatus. Sands took on the role of co-frontman along side Mason Musso. He went on to do press and performances with the band including "What's trending" and headlining a portion of SXSW (video links below). Austin's first single from Euprhoric, "LA feat. Travis Clark," is due out March 2014.